Herbs To Treat Leaky Gut

herbs to treat leaky gut

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When it comes to leaky gut syndrome, which is a breakdown of the lining of the gut, sufferers experience a wide range of discomforts such as gas (flatulence), bloating, indigestion, etc. The first thing to do might appear to be going straight away to your physician to get a prescription drug. Even so, I’m sure you’ll agree that if you possibly could solve the symptoms of leaky gut without medications, then you would prefer that option instead.

There are many healthy, natural, herbal alternatives to risky prescription medications. Herbal treatments have been used for centuries to remedy hundreds of various ailments and leaky gut is no exception. Below you will find some of the herbs suggested to help remedy leaky gut syndrome.

Slippery Elm – this herb is known to help treat complications associated with the skin such as boils, burns and inflammation. Having said that, it is also known to help reduce intestinal issues as it coats your stomach to help prevent a leaky lining of the gut.

Peppermint Tea – is another natural remedy known to treat digestive system ailments. The tea is made from peppermint oil, which acts as an antiseptic to kill harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. These bacteria create toxins that can leak through the gut wall into your blood stream, which may affect your liver adversely. Peppermint tea not only helps reduce harmful bacteria and potential infection, it also calms the stomach.

Chamomile Tea – this tea has properties proven to treat gut problems by reducing excessive gas, stomach cramps and pains. Drinking chamomile tea is often used to help reduce stress and stress is yet another cause of digestive problems that can turn into leaky gut syndrome.

It’s important to remember that while herbal teas are excellent on the digestive system, you should also change your eating habits. Choose healthier foods while steering clear of refined sugars, white flour and processed foods. Regular exercise, drinking plenty of water and reducing stress levels are also excellent ways to get rid of your leaky gut.